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All Pathways in Lord of the Mysteries

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    Alex K. Yoshida
    Audio Book Narrator, Voice of Novels, 2016–Present

Table of Contents

The Sefirot: Ascension Beyond Mortality

Sefirot—these enigmatic knots of power offer passage to a realm unattainable by mere mortal endeavors. They are the summits that beckon every Beyonder to rise above the confines of their flesh and spirit.

Cataloging the Known Sefirot

Venture forth into the Sefirot, the grand keystones of power in a world where divinity is but the beginning:

SefirahGuardian PathwaysMystical Associations
Chaos SeaVisionary, SunThe domain of imagination and foretelling, where time and reality bow to one's will.
Sefirah CastleFool, ErrorA sage's spire where the curtain of deceit and redemption is lifted to reveal absolute sovereignty.
River of Eternal DarknessDarkness, Twilight GiantAn endless flow casting shadows deeper than the night, embraced by the tranquil embrace of the setting sun's afterglow.

The cosmos of Lord of Mysteries is replete with pathways and possibilities; its legacies etched deeply into the Sefirot. As the Beyonders ascend, the universe expands, opening new doors, unveiling fresh enigmas, and unfurling paths hitherto unseen.

The Tarot Gathering – Where Destiny Unfolds

The Tarot Club, a secret council of Beyonders, lends procedural lore to those wanting to climb their Pathways. Meeting beneath the enigmatic grey fog, they trade intelligence and materials needed to advance through the Sequences.

The Membership of Mysteries

  • The Fool - A being enshrouded in secrecy and the reflection of The Fool
  • The Hanged Man - One who pierces the veil of fate and delves into the unknown
  • The Sun - A luminous harbinger of hope and glory
  • ...

The club has crossed historical milestones, orchestrating events that steer the course of their world silently but powerfully.

Trials and Tribulations Along the Path

Every Pathway is fraught with unique challenges that test the resolve, intelligence, and morality of travelers:

  • The Fool Pathway beckons with illusory glimpses into fate's fabric, presenting an alluring yet perilous ascent toward The Fool's unfathomable kingdom.
  • Adventurers of the Tyrant Pathway brave tempests literal and figurative, pursuing power amidst storms and chaos to ascend as sovereigns of the sea and sky.
  • The Red Priest Pathway, known for its catastrophic might, finds its pilgrims orchestrating disasters and wielding flames as they vie for primacy.

Tools of Ascension: Cards of Blasphemy

Equally compelling are the Cards of Blasphemy – Roselle's arcane tarots, vast in scope and veiled in secrecy, each representing a Pathway to power:

  • The Fool: A card of beginnings and ultimate authority within the gray mist.
  • The Red Priest: A blazing effigy signifying the fiery descent towards divine catastrophe.


For those entranced by the Lord of Mysteries, the Pathways provide a tantalizing framework of progression and intrigue, weaving a multifaceted narrative that's as unpredictable as it is enthralling. Whether it's Roselle's hidden cards or the secretive gatherings of the Tarot Club, the Pathways are more than just routes to power – they're the very weft and warp of this world's enigmatic tapestry.

Explore them with caution, for as the Beyonders know, every blessing is a curse in disguise.

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