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Angels in Lord of the Mysteries

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    Alex K. Yoshida
    Audio Book Narrator, Voice of Novels, 2016–Present

Table of Contents

High-Sequence Beings

Angels in the Lord of Mysteries universe are high-sequence beings, starting from Sequence 4 to Sequence 1, often known as Demigods.

Saints and Angels

  • Saints (Sequences 4 and 3): Incompletely immortal beings who command immense power.
  • Angels (Sequences 2 and 1): The true celestial beings with god-like powers and complete immortality.
4SaintsPowerful beings with vitality and energy, but not completely immortal.
3SaintsCan respond to prayers within a certain area and have an incomplete mythical creature form.
2AngelsHigh-level beings that can respond to global prayers and have full immortality.
1Kings AngelsSubset of Angels possessing more than one Sequence 1 characteristics or the Uniqueness of their pathway; hence they are closer to gods.

The Role of Anchor

All high-sequence beyonders require an Anchor to maintain their sanity against the strong inclination to lose control, maintaining the precarious balance between their humanity and the divine influence channeled through their extraordinary powers.

Divine Beings and their Champions

Deities in Lord of Mysteries often have Angels or Saints championing their cause in the mortal realms, spreading their influence and will.

The Tarot Club and Angel Families

The Tarot Club is a secret organization that plays a crucial part throughout the series. Its members, often powerful figures from various Angel Families, interact and deal with the mysterious Mr. Fool, establishing deeper ties and unfolding plots grander than what individual players could have imagined.

FamilyPathwayNotable Members
AbrahamDoorBethel Abraham (an influential member and part of the Tarot Club)
AntigonusFoolAntigonus, a dueled legacy over the centuries
ZaratulFoolZaratul (Senior), associated with the shadowy Secret Order
AmonErrorAmon, entwined with the Door and Error pathways, a formidable force

Gods Behind the Power

The book also touches upon entities that have transcended the title of Angel, becoming Gods of their respective pathways.

0The Original CreatorThe omnipotent, the source of all Beyonder characteristics
0AdamThe personification of vision and a kingpin in the storyline
0Evernight GoddessA deity cloaked in darkness and mystery, with a web of angels supporting her

The Journey of the 'Fool'

In the final volume, titled "The Fool," we witness the culmination of Klein Moretti's defining journey to becoming Sequence 0: The Fool, where he reaches the pinnacle of this cosmic hierarchy.


Lord of Mysteries offers a complex and enthralling framework for understanding the cosmology of its world. Angels personify the blend of humanity's mythic aspirations with the stark realism of their nature, leading readers into an abyss of questions about faith, power, and the celestial order.

In embracing these themes, the novel valiantly crafts a narrative that is as much about the minutiae of its world as it is about the harrowing, yet majestic journeys of its characters.

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