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Cycles of Epochs: Tracing the Historical Timeline of Lord of Mysteries

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    Alex K. Yoshida
    Audio Book Narrator, Voice of Novels, 2016–Present

Table of Contents

Pre-Epoch: The Dawn of Mysteries

Before recorded history, a cataclysm reshaped existence. From this chaos, The Original Creator awoke, dissociating into various Sefirot and pathways, marking the inception of supernatural powers.

First Epoch: Age of Chaos

Chaos reigned as ancient Beyonders and the first gods clashed for supremacy, laying the foundation for the Blasphemy Slate—the codex of Beyonder powers.

Second Epoch: Darkness Ascends

During the Dark Epoch, the supernatural races—giants, dragons, and elves—dominated, with humanity emerging from their shadows via the rise of the Ancient Sun God.

Third Epoch: Majesty and Ruin

The Cataclysm Epoch witnessed the Sun God's demise, fragmenting divine powers even as mandated religions began to crystallize, ushering in an era of conflict and godly might.

Fourth Epoch: Gods Walk Among Us

The War of the Four Emperors raged, fracturing empires as Sequence 0s vied for dominion, weaving new tales of valor and ruthlessness.

Fifth Epoch: The Iron Epoch

The crescendo of history, the ongoing Fifth Epoch, is an age of machines, war, and secrecy. Heroes rise as Beyonders navigate treacherous seas, cutthroat alliances, and the perils of apotheosis.

The Major Periods and Events:

EpochKey Events
Pre-EpochThe Cosmos Awakens: The universe stirs with the awakening of the Original Creator, sowing the seeds of power and divinity among the stars. Great Old Ones, entities of unimaginable might, take form, heralding an era of unfathomable possibilities.
First EpochThe Age of Myths: Otherworldly races shaped by the Ancient Gods rise to prominence, carving out their legacies in an untamed world. Humanity yearns for its place amidst titans, setting the stage for a tale of ascension and defiance.
Second EpochThe Emergence of Man: The rise of the Ancient Sun God spells a revolution, toppling ancient hierarchies and nurturing the seeds of humanity's ascendancy, a foreshadowing of an epoch where man would wrest control of their destiny from the gods of old.
Third EpochConsolidation of Power: The Ancient Sun God reigns supreme, marker of an unprecedented unity in history. Amidst unity, humanity's thirst for the arcane burgeons, heralding an era of discovery that reshapes the weave of reality itself.
Fourth EpochDominion of the Divine: In the shadow of gods, the great Orthodox Churches ascend. Mankind now walks in lockstep with divine emissaries, sculpting an era where belief and doctrine are intertwined with life's every aspect.
Fifth EpochMarch of the Beyonders: The dawn of industrialization sees Beyonders emerge from the shadows, bringing forth an age of enlightenment where the mystical is no longer legend but reality, reshaping the world in its profound image.

Notable Families and Organizations:

Many families, angelic, and otherwise, known for their subjective influence on the Beyonders and their pathways:

  • Tudor and Trunsoest empires (Red Priest and Justiciar Pathways)
  • Solomon Empire (Black Emperor Pathway)
  • Balam Empire (Death Pathway)
  • Nois Family (Abyss Pathway)

Charting the Pathways:

Each pathway intertwines with the fabric of epochs, etched in the Blasphemy Slates and Cards—mystical tarot that mirrors the potency and enormity of their respective Sequence 0 deities:

PathwayCorresponding Entity
FoolLord of Mysteries
DoorKey of Stars
VisionaryGod Almighty
SunEternal Blazing Sun
Red PriestCalamity of Destruction
DemonessGoddess of Origin

In this rhythm of epochs, the world of "Lord of Mysteries" oscillates between chaos and cosmos. The Fool's journey, fraught with intrigue, traverses these timelines, not as a mere spectator but as the pivot who may well dictate the course of future events.

Bear witness to the enigmatic ascendancies and navigate this intricate tapestry of epochs as we delve deeper into the "Lord of Mysteries." Stay in the know—Trace the trajectory of this ever-evolving storyline as history unfolds within every spell cast and every secret unraveled...

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