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Gods in Lord of Mysteries

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    Alex K. Yoshida
    Audio Book Narrator, Voice of Novels, 2016–Present

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In the intricate tapestry of the Lord of Mysteries universe, gods play pivotal roles in shaping the destinies of characters and factions alike. The series intricately weaves a divine hierarchy that reflects both power and pathos, influencing the progression and psyche of Beyonders.

Let’s delve into the various strata of divinity and understand their subtle yet significant impacts upon the sprawling world fashioned by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving.

The Ascension of Beyonders

Beyonders strive through sequences, each ordained with mystical abilities that eventually lead to the apotheosis—becoming one with the divine. Here's an overview of the celestial ladder:

Low-Sequence (9-8): A nascent state where Beyonders are susceptible but hold promise for greatness.

Mid-Sequence (7-5): A significant phase where Beyonders encounter the madness rooted in their powers, treading on thin ice as they harbor dreams of divinity.

High-Sequence (4-1): The demigods among Beyonders; at this echelon, they command formidable forces and exhibit attributes comparable to ancient myths.

The Sequence 0 True Gods: The culmination of a Beyonder's journey, they stand as paragons of their respective paths, often revered and worshiped.

Anchors: The Minds' Moorings

A unique aspect of the series is the concept of Anchors—elements that prevent high-sequence Beyonders, especially Angels, from succumbing to inherent madness. Often, these Anchors are the faith placed in them by believers, manifesting as prayers that help sustain their sanity.

The Pantheon and Their Churches

The gods are associated with churches that serve as conduits for their divine administrations. Let's take a closer look:

God (Sequence 0)PathwayChurchSymbols/Emblems
The Fool (The Fool)Fool PathwayThe Tarot ClubThe Gray Fog, The Fool’s Seat
Evernight GoddessDarkness PathwayChurch of the Evernight GoddessCrescent Moon encased in Night
Lord of StormsTyrant PathwayChurch of the Lord of StormsStorm and Lightning
Eternal Blazing SunSun PathwayChurch of the Eternal Blazing SunEver-radiating Sun

Above the Sequence: Beyond the Mortal Coil

Entities that transcend the numbered sequences, referred to as Great Old Ones, embody powers that outstrip the imagination. They reside in the higher cosmic echelons, sometimes breaking into our realm to recover parts of their essences.

Table of Transcendental Beings

Recognizing these beings is paramount, for to know them is to invite their attention, for better or for worse.

God AlmightyVisionary Pathway, The Primordial One
Lord of MysteriesThe Fool Pathway, The Celestial Worthy of Heaven and Earth
Eternal DarknessDarkness Pathway, Fate's Envoy
Calamity of DestructionRed Priest Pathway, The Disaster


In the world of Lord of Mysteries, gods and their governing structures fervently encompass more than sheer might. They encapsulate beliefs, struggles, and the very essence of Beyonders' existence. The tableau of the divine we've sketched today showcases the multi-layered nature of divinity in the series—a pivotal force that propels narratives and orchestrates the fates entwining through the fog of mysteries.

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