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Outer Deities in Lord of the Mysteries

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    Alex K. Yoshida
    Audio Book Narrator, Voice of Novels, 2016–Present

Table of Contents

The Impenetrable Barrier

The Outer Deities' influence is checked by a barrier — the legacy of the slumbering Original Creator. It's an invisible shield that hinders these celestial beings from laying siege to our world directly.

The All-Powerful Entities

The attention of these deities is reserved for Earth, drawn by remnants of the Original Creator that linger in the world's fabric. Among them, three stand out:

  • Mother Goddess of Depravity
  • Mother Tree of Desire
  • Son of Chaos

Yearning to reclaim their scattered Sefirot and Beyonder Characteristics, they manipulate the pathways they own, sow seeds of corruption, and bide their time for the barrier's weakening.

Gazing Into the Abyss

Anyone who learns about the Outer Deities exposes themselves to attention that can corrode the mind and soul. As the barrier wanes, secret organizations dedicated to these deities emerge, exemplifying the creeping dread that anything knowing too much invites.

#Outer DeityPathways OverseenIntrigues & Cabals
1Mother Goddess of DepravityGoverns Moon and Mother, weaving the arcane tapestry of fate and flesh.Sways the hearts of the mortal and the eternal through the Rose School of Thought and Life School of Thought, engaged in an everlasting dance of control and chaos.
2Son of ChaosRules the domains of the Black Emperor and Justiciar, lords over anarchy and law.With the esteemed Tamara Family under "His" shadow, "He" orchestrates a silent symphony of order and entropy.
3Mother Tree of DesireCommands the Chained and Abyss, siren of the unfathomable deep.The twisted roots of the Rose School of Thought draw from "Her" boundless well, leaving a trail of longing and despair.
4Circle of InevitabilityThe cantor of Dancer's steps, guardian of time's cyclical ebb.In the hallowed halls of the Sinners, whispers of "Their" celestial waltz echo, ringing the bells of predestination.
-High-Dimensional OverseerAn enigmatic force unseen, the cosmic sentinel.Shrouded in the void, an observer of the multiversal diaspora.
-Supernova DominatorColossus astride the stars, smoldering with unforged potential.Standing vigilant in the desolate expanse, a titan awaiting "Their" celestial hour.

The Barricades of Sanity

The Beyonder characters and Saints of the Standard Pathways fortify their psyche with "Anchors" against these deities' influence—a crux for those treading the perilous journey to godhood.

The Epochal Struggle

The Outer Deities' pull is potent—so much so that even the Ancient Sun God could not fathom what their successful Earthly reclaim could unleash.

As readers travel through the Lord of Mysteries, they witness these cosmic games unfold—a battle between Earth's protectors and the covetous desires of the Outer Deities, where every piece of knowledge comes with the heavy price of possibly facing The Cosmos itself.

Engrossing and filled with eldritch lore, Lord of Mysteries invites its audience to ponder: What mysteries do these Outer Deities hold? What calamities would their full arrival herald? The answers lie woven within the tapestry of this epic saga, waiting to be discovered by those daring enough to gaze into the unknown.

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