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The Role of Blasphemy Slates in Lord of Mysteries

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    Alex K. Yoshida
    Audio Book Narrator, Voice of Novels, 2016–Present

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First Blasphemy Slate: The Foundation of Pathways

Forged in the ancient crucible of divine disintegration, the First Blasphemy Slate represents a significant keystone in the Lord of Mysteries' mythos. Originating from the cataclysmic twilight of The Primordial One, the Slate encapsulates the foundational tenets of 22 established Standard Pathways. This arcane trove not only chronicles the hierarchies and progression within each Sequence but also etches the covert decrees guiding the Beyonder's transcendence.

These guiding principles, inscribed upon the Slate, proffer Beyonders a navigational compass—establishing equilibrium in an otherwise tempestuous progression of power. With its advent, a structured ladder to ascendancy replaced the erstwhile tumult of ungoverned growth, ushering newfound stability within the Beyonder ranks.

Major InfluenceRole in Narrative
Unlocks PathwaysThe Slate cemented its status as an indelible blueprint that shepherds Beyonders to tap into their mystic reservoirs methodically, circumnavigating the anarchy of unstructured evolution.

Second Blasphemy Slate: A Catalytic Presence

In the wake of the Ancient Sun God's demise, the cosmos bore witness to the genesis of the Second Blasphemy Slate. Harboring an anthology of epoch-spanning lore and Above the Sequence beings, the Second Slate serves as an illuminative scripture that intersects fabled pasts with the tangible present of Beyonders.

The Slate unfurls the tapestry of history, embroidering the sagas of preceding epochs and their demiurges, and in doing so, heralds the crescendos of Beyonder ambition. This revelation of an echelon above Sequence 0 ignites the spark of aspiration and trepidation alike, bestowing upon Beyonders a profound awareness of a realm that lies beyond the known pinnacle of their craft.

Major InfluenceRole in Narrative
Details Above the Sequence BeingsAs a voluminous disclosure of celestial hierarchies, the Slate demystifies the zenith of Beyonder progression, evoking awe amidst the seekers of the esoteric and inciting a fervor for existential ascension across the Beyonder spectrum.

Each Blasphemy Slate, with its distinctive revelations, bequeaths a legacy of immeasurable value to the denizens of the mystical firmament—etching the arcane ordinances that govern the metamorphosis of ordinariness into divine omnipotence.

The Cards of Blasphemy

Emperor Roselle took the knowledge inscribed on the Second Blasphemy Slate and created the Cards of Blasphemy—tarot-like instruments that housed the pathway knowledge. These cards not only contain potent anti-divination properties but also allow holders to embody the strengths of their respective pathways.

The FoolFool PathwayMirrors and illusionsAs the harbinger of beguilement, The Fool card bestows the power to weave illusions so potent they can ensnare the senses and distort reality. Beyonders holding this card can embody trickery incarnate—conjuring mirages that deceive even the most astute observer.
The ChariotRed Priest PathwayCataclysmic controlThe Chariot card wields dominance over chaos and catastrophe. It grants the ability to harness the dread energies of war and destruction, orchestrating calamities that bend the will of battle in favor of the Beyonder. Such control is not merely over the physical but extends to the realm of minds swayed by the fervor of strife.
The EmperorBlack Emperor PathwayRule and order manipulationCommand is the Black Emperor's decree, and The Emperor card is its conduit. With it, Beyonders can impose their will upon order itself, crafting and dismantling structures both societal and mystical with but a thought, an unrivaled mastery over the boundaries that define existence.
The HierophantTyrant PathwayElemental commandThe Hierophant card entrusts the manipulation of the elemental—the seeds of creation and destruction. Control over wind, rain, thunder, and the tides mark the Tyrant's path, allowing a Beyonder to weave the core tapestry of nature to their whims and the terror of their foes.

In essence, the Blasphemy Slates from Lord of Mysteries are more than just items of great power. They represent the ordered system of the supernatural, the knowledge that power without direction is as vexing as the deepest mysteries of the cosmos. It's in the guidance of these Slates that Beyonders find their direction, their purpose, and the distant, illuminating glow of transcendence.

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