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Top 20 Strongest Solo Leveling Characters Ranked

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    Alex K. Yoshida
    Audio Book Narrator, Voice of Novels, 2016–Present

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20. Christopher Reed

AbilitiesSpiritual Body Manifestation, Ruler's Authority
Notable FeatsBattled 3 Monarchs simultaneously

Renowned as America's mightiest S-Rank Hunter and third in the world, Christopher Reed's solo endeavors and his combative encounter with multiple Monarchs solidify his place on this list.

19. Liu Zhigang

AbilitiesSpiritual Body Manifestation, Ruler's Hands
Notable FeatsSecond strongest hunter globally, Chinese Hero

With the title of the Chinese Hero and possession of the Ruler's Hands, Liu Zhigang wields dual swords and commands a daunting presence noticeable by all.

18. Thomas Andre

AbilitiesSpiritual Body Manifestation, Superhuman Strength
Notable FeatsWorld's strongest hunter, withstood Monarchs

His battles against Sung Jinwoo and the Beast Monarch showcased a truly earth-shattering strength, suited for the top hunter in the world.

17. Monarch of Plagues

AbilitiesVenom Inducement, Necromancy, Regeneration

Specializing in insidious tactics like poison and parasites, the Monarch of Plagues leverages her insect minions in devious ways.

16. Kamish

AbilitiesDragon's Breath, Dragon's Fear
RoleDragon, Calamity

Famed as humanity's great scourge, Kamish's fire and fear abilities present a catastrophic challenge to all foes.

15. Igris

RankMarshal Grade
RoleShadow, Knight of Destruction
AbilitiesSword Mastery, Dominator's Touch

A knight under the original Shadow Monarch, Igris's exceptional battle prowess and swordsmanship define his legacy.

14. Beru

RankMarshal Grade
RoleAnt King, Shadow General
AbilitiesHealing Magic, Paralysis Poison, Size Manipulation

The formidable Ant King, Beru's combination of intelligence and power, make him a force to be reckoned with and Sung Jinwoo's mightiest shadow.

13. Rulers

OriginWorld Tree
AbilitiesPower Bestowal, Ruler's Hands, Telekinesis

Heavenly beings that can influence humanity's fates by empowering them or overwhelming foes with their divine might.

12. Monarch of Transfiguration

AbilitiesSorcery, Existence Erasure

Dubbed the greatest sorcerer, this Monarch's magic has been pivotal in the Chaos World, changing the tides in battles.

11. Monarch of White Flames

AbilitiesLightning Manipulation, Hell’s Army Summoning

As the Demon King, his lightning breath is as much a tool as a weapon, controlling the battlefield with fearsome electrical might.

10. Monarch of Iron Body

RoleKing of Monstrous Humanoids
AbilitiesExistence Erasure

Renowned for his resilience, this Monarch wields the peculiar power to erase existences, hinting at an indomitable control over life and death.

9. Monarch of Beginning

AbilitiesImmense Strength, Spell Casting

A giant who can summon crushing winds, his unyielding physical prowess is a testament to the abilities a Monarch wields.

8. Bellion

RankGrand-Marshal Grade
RoleShadow, Army Marshal
AbilitiesWeapon Mastery, Battle Acumen

The strongest shadow soldier, Bellion’s presence in a fight often precludes the outcome of unmatched success.

7. Sung Il Hwan

RoleVessel of Light
AbilitiesTelekinesis, Mana Sensitivity

The father to the series' protagonist, his noble stand against the Monarch of Frost showcased the blend of grit and power befitting a hero’s parent.

6. Monarch of Beastly Fangs

RoleKing of Beasts
AbilitiesUnrivaled Strength, Telekinesis

The strongest hunter in the Chaos World employs primal, overwhelming force to subdue those in his path.

5. Monarch of Frost

RoleKing of Snow Folk
AbilitiesIce Magic, Sub-Zero Temperature Control

With frost at his command, this Monarch conveys an aura of inevitable victory, solidifying his enemies in a tomb of ice.

4. Monarch of Destruction

AbilitiesBreath of Destruction, Dragon Transformation

Ferocious and relentless, the Monarch of Destruction, Antares, exists to obliterate order and sow chaos.

3. Monarch of Shadows (Ashborn)

RoleRuler turned Monarch
AbilitiesShadow Extraction, Power Bestowal

Once the mightiest Ruler, Ashborn's traitorous turn into a Monarch leaves a shadowy imprint across the annals of Solo Leveling’s history.

2. Absolute Being

AbilitiesOmnipotence, Life Creation

An entity of pure power; his ability to create life is eclipsed only by his enjoyment in watching his creations struggle.

1. Sung Jin-Woo

AbilitiesShadow Army, Regeneration, Dragon’s Fear

As the protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo's journey from weakness to strength has defined Solo Leveling. His command over an army of shadows and inherited Ruler's powers marks him as the indisputable pinnacle of power in the series.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q1. Who is the strongest character in Solo Leveling? A1. Sung Jin-Woo is the Strongest Character in Solo Leveling.

  • Q2. Who is the strongest Monarch in Solo Leveling? A2. Ashborn, the previous Monarch of Shadows, was the strongest. However, he now passes on the titles to Sung Jin-Woo.

  • Q3. Who is the strongest shadow of Sung Jin-Woo in Solo Leveling? A3. Bellion is the strongest shadow of Sung Jin-Woo in Solo Leveling.

  • Q4. Who is Antares in Solo Leveling? A4. Antares is the Monarch of Destruction in Solo Leveling.

  • Q5. Who are the Rulers? A5. The Rulers are heavenly beings created by the Absolute Being to ensure peace and combat the Monarchs.

As we gaze upon the assemblage of power within the Solo Leveling universe, it is clear why it stands as a captivating piece of the web novel genre. Each character’s battle prowess and mystical capacities stir a sense of awe and anticipation. Solo adventurers or seasoned guild veterans, web novel aficionados or newcomers – all can appreciate the raw might and intrigue that these towering figures exude.

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