City of Sin

City of Sin

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Carrying the heavy weight of expectations, the boy with the blood of demons and elves resolutely steps onto the battlefield of destruction and rebirth. Unyielding determination drives him to trudge through molten lava, break through thick ice, and wreak havoc in the desolate battlefield, all in the pursuit of toppling the towering figure looming in the distance. One day, he halts, his sword thrust into the ground, looking around only to find no enemies in sight. The once towering peak is now beneath his feet. Every drop of blood flowing in the veins of this family is filled with sin and filth. They are the embodiment of all contradictions: they are passionate, yet cold-hearted; they are good at remembering, yet often forget; they are loyal to their dreams, yet they compromise at any time; they wish to accompany saints, yet they always collaborate with demons; they are calm, and yet they are mad. They are angels, and they are devils. Therefore, I love them, and I hate them. - Richard Ackmond.