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His name is Lu Mingfei, an ordinary student leading a cyclical life. As he believed this would be his life's path, a letter from a mysterious academy in America turned his mundane existence on its head — there are dragons in the world, and his mission is to slay them. Stirred by a calling of fervor and mystery, making choices between love and dreams, he bravely chose the unknown. As a black helicopter crossed the skyline, the doors to a foreign land gradually opened, and an ordinary Chinese boy embarked on an extraordinary journey of dragon slaying. Yet, the distant Cassel Academy exudes mystery at every corner—unusual courses, humorous seniors, eccentric teachers, and proud classmates. Lu Mingfei encounters countless oddities as soon as he enters the school. Alongside the strange occurrences, challenges also begin to pile up—level exams, verbal tests, Three Gorges Dragon Shadows, dragon clan invasions. The legendary world of dragons finally begins to reveal the tip of the iceberg. Do dragons really exist in this world? What mysteries remain unsolved in the dragon's world? What is Lu Mingfei's destiny to become? Idealism, passion, struggle, adventure. A whole new life, a whole new adventurous experience awaits!