Questioning the Mirror

Questioning the Mirror

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Born precocious, he established a set of personal rules at the tender age of seven or eight. Yet in his five years under the tutelage of the Twin Immortals, he hardly ever willingly committed himself to any action. Therefore, upon achieving his liberty, he strove to make every action align with his heart's desire and his conscience. This was no easy task, but he relished the challenge. His pursuit of eternal life was undeniable. However, the kind of immortality he sought was far removed from the ruthless cruelty of the Purple Lightning and Red Yin Immortals, or the petty survival tactics of the Daylight Mansion and Ten Thousand Spirit Sect. Often, he would undertake tasks that baffled onlookers, irrelevant to morality, personal gain, or notions of good and evil. For him, there was only one compelling reason: eternal life is the amalgamation of all meaningful pursuits. He had a mirror that reflected the cosmos and the landscape; a sword that could pierce human hearts and ghostly realms; a city seated on clouds in the nine heavens; and a heart that laughed at the hardships on the path to eternal life. Why do people seek immortality? Because it encompasses all desires, representing infinite possibilities.