The Dimension Connector Who Aspires to be a Hero

The Dimension Connector Who Aspires to be a Hero

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In addition to being the boss of the Dimension Affairs Bureau, Jon holds multiple roles. As Evol, the Magical Girl in a magical realm, he puts an end to the Night of Witches with a single kick. In the world of JoJo, he embodies an unyielding boss, firing the first shot in the war against drugs. In the Holy Grail War, he masquerades as the dangerous Bunny Titan, impersonating a Berserker and joining the hunt. He maintains the smile on the face of a lonely old man. He pitches black hole coffee to the brave Yuki Yuna. Along with Gonda Yonsuke, he starts a glass melting factory on Mars. He empowers Shi Shima Tsuyoshi with the strength of a magical girl. In the world of Ultraman Nexus, he successfully makes Komon Hibiki a Masked Rider. To protect everyone's underwear for tomorrow, he turns the Earth into a molten lava ball. All of these actions are driven by his desire to fulfill every guest's wish, and to make the people in his world understand the power of a hero. Aspiring to nurture a queen and a jk small devil queen! (A Masked Rider tale.)