The Leader of Shu Mountain's Five Peaks Sect

The Leader of Shu Mountain's Five Peaks Sect

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Yue Qing sacrifices his life to save a child crossing the road and, upon waking, becomes Yue Qinbin, a sword immortal in the world of Shu Mountain. His master has long since fallen, the Five Peaks Sect is fragmented, the Emei Sect holds absolute power and arrogantly asserts themselves as the true doctrine, disparaging all other sects as heretical! Those who comply will prosper, those who resist will perish! In the pursuit of immortality and the cultivation of the path, one must rely on the legacy of their predecessors; in uniting and strategizing, one must rely on the skills of the younger generation. Amidst the turmoil of earthly life, one cannot escape the pain, aging, sickness, and death; among the multitude of living beings, everyone is fighting for that slim chance of survival!