The Lady's Alter Ego Shakes the City Again

The Lady's Alter Ego Shakes the City Again

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For 18 years, Qiao Nian had lived with the Qiao family, posing as their privileged daughter until her real parents unexpectedly appeared, revealing her charade to the city's elite. The true heiress was talented and kind while Qiao Nian, a false pretender, was considered ignorant and incompetent. The city's gentry eagerly anticipated the spectacle of her expulsion from high society and her pitiful return to the backwaters. Qiao Nian herself believed that her biological parents were impoverished educators from Luohe County. To her surprise, their humble exterior concealed a wealth that included a luxury car worth 3 million RMB, an academic position at the prestigious Qing University, and a respected reputation as a professor. The very same elites who had ridiculed her were now bowing and scraping to her grandfather. Confounded, Qiao Nian decided to reclaim her true identity. She topped the college entrance exams, became a successful live-streamer, and was named a preserver of intangible cultural heritage. As she shed her disguises, she became the city's hot topic, causing her detractors to seethe with envy. Despite their jeers, she remained unperturbed. When accused of trying to charm her way to success, she retorted, "Sorry, I'm taken." Her illustrious brother publicly acknowledged her, and her wealthy grandfather indulged her every whim. Rumors circulated among the city's privileged class about a wife hidden away by the reclusive Wàng, who despite the gossip, never revealed her to the public. The standard response to inquiries was, "My wife is from the countryside and she's shy." Until one day, the usually refined Wàng was seen in an unexpected light, cornering a young lady against a wall, his eyes glowing red, whispering, "Baby, when can we make this official?