So, Turns Out I'm the Supreme Martial God

So, Turns Out I'm the Supreme Martial God

translated: 400 / 1571
last released: 9 hours ago

Yi Feng finds himself transported to a world of cultivation, but unfortunate circumstances relegate him to the life of a mere mortal. Out of options, he makes his living by running a small martial arts gym, occasionally moonlighting as a blacksmith, and trying to get by as a "reputed grandmaster". Until one day, his modest gym becomes a bustling hub. Elderly men with an air of immortality fight over the kitchen knife in Yi Feng's kitchen, their faces flushed in heated arguments... A middle-aged man capable of traversing the void stealthily watches Yi Feng's boxing practice from the clouds above every day... A devastatingly beautiful holy maiden willingly becomes a maid... "I wonder when I'll reach such a state of simplicity and return to the original!" "Indeed! Although Master Yi's boxing techniques appear ordinary, devoid of any aura fluctuations, they embody the ultimate martial intent, marking him as the Supreme Martial God!" Yi Feng: "I'm the Supreme Martial God? Why wasn't I informed?" The crowd: "We understand, senior. You're playing a long game!