Demon's Life

Demon's Life

translated: 252 / 252
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Anything can happen! As the sun sinks, casting somber shadows from the eaves, the outlines of everything become blurred and indistinct. At such times, one cannot discern whether the figure approaching from afar is a beloved pet dog, or a wolf coming to claim its prey. In this moment, the line between good and evil blurs, melting into the bloody red of sunset... This is when our story begins. The bar owner, Shu Chang, is an antiques collector with a minor reputation in the appraisals world. Outwardly, he appears carefree, leading a life of conspicuous consumption and aimless idleness. To most, Shu Chang seems content to coast through life, a flirtatious playboy reminiscent of a spoiled heir. However, an unexpected accident turns him into a vampire. From then on, whether he becomes a wolf or remains a dog, depends on a single thought. He is destined to be lonely, wandering the vast sea of emptiness. He watches, he waits, he hungers...