Necromantic Torment

Necromantic Torment

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In a world bathed in the 'glorious' light of the gods, where battles of faith persistently rage, Nirak, a struggling street urchin, becomes a necromancy apprentice due to an odd law of the empire. An unexpected opportunity from the heavens doesn't strike him unconscious but imparts the profound truth - to seek help, he must first help himself. Thus, the apprentice rapidly hones his craft. Summoned from the realm of the undead, a skeleton brings a jade token containing a necromantic artistry that sets Nirak on an unprecedented path. Amid turmoil, survival is of paramount importance! For the sake of survival, the necromancer must play his cards with a hint of cunning, subtly delivering blow after blow. Gradually, Nirak steps into the clash between nations and gods. The contradictions and compromises among men, the confrontations and alliances among gods reveal the origin of divine powers, unraveling the ultimate mystery of divinity. Armed with an army of undead, the necromancer will wreak havoc across the continent!