Emerald Sacraments of the Dead

Emerald Sacraments of the Dead

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The unearthing of two ancient, mystical texts gives rise to an unprecedented prodigy, but also ignites an unceasing whirlwind of contention...The "Emerald Satchel" - a legendary masterpiece by the renowned physician Hua Tuo from the Eastern Han dynasty. Accused and imprisoned for attempting a controversial cure on Cao Cao, Hua Tuo penned his life’s medical knowledge in desperation, hoping to pass it to a guard. However, when the fearful guard refused, a frustrated Hua Tuo was about to consign his invaluable work to flames... The "Sacraments of the Dead" - an opus by the Ming Dynasty's founding strategist Liu Ji. Devoted to the study of geomancy, he was an adept predictor of fortune and misfortune. Before his death, he compiled his insights to be buried alongside him after a hundred days... Zhu Han is a young man with no grand ambitions. Despite coming from a lineage of doctors and skilled geomancers, he has no understanding of medicine or basic feng shui. Yet, by a twist of fate, he inherits these two extraordinary books: the medical manual of Hua Tuo and the geomantic treasure of Liu Ji. What could be the purpose of this inscrutable divine arrangement? One day, Zhu Han unintentionally uses a remedy from the "Emerald Satchel" to miraculously cure a patient with a rare, incurable disease under broad daylight and the watchful eyes of many. This act plunges him into a maelstrom of relentless power struggles and conflicts of interest...