Gifting a Fierce Ghost to a Random Netizen

Gifting a Fierce Ghost to a Random Netizen

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Set in Jiangjing, a city renowned for its quaint customs and gifted inhabitants, mysterious disappearances, urban supernatural legends, terrifying killers, dangerous psychotics, and supernatural entities abound. Among them is a broadcaster who relies on a system to live-stream his interactions with the supernatural world. "Congratulations, host, for completing the task. You have received a red-dressed fierce ghost." A young girl in red exclaims, "Master, I am a fierce ghost! Boo hoo hoo, I'm really scary!" Jiang Chen retorts, "Scram!" "Congratulations, host, you have completed another task and received a malevolent ghost." Jiang Chen responds, "Is this malevolent ghost a male? Well, I guess I'll just randomly select a lucky viewer in my live-stream room to send it to!