PUBG: Picking Up the Pieces

PUBG: Picking Up the Pieces

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Jiang Siming suddenly realized his experience playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was unlike anyone else's! He could find shards of various colors within the game, which when combined could transform into skills, attributes, talents, money, antiques, and even potent elixirs and martial arts techniques – all sorts of game-defying treasures! Through his relentless scavenging in the game, Jiang Siming managed to turn his life around, amassing a fortune! "The gas is closing in, Jiang Siming!" "Hold on, I first need to pick something up from across the ocean!" "I'm under fire! Won't you help cover me, Jiang Siming?" "Hold on, I need to find something. I'll be back shortly!" "How soon?" "Just need to switch the map and I'll be back.