Ancient Body-Strengthening Technique

Ancient Body-Strengthening Technique

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In an alternate universe, a man equipped with ancient body-strengthening methods and a variety of health-preserving techniques lands on the continent of Jiuzhou. Can he rise to the pinnacle of this world? Twelve portraits of stunning beauties signify the twelve most captivating women in this world. Step into a world of dazzling beauties, each one a paragon of grace, elegance, and timeless charm. They are enchanting, radiant, ethereal, and royally poised, demonstrating unparalleled beauty and magnificence. The existence of miraculous potions such as Five Dragons Pill, Little Rejuvenation Elixir, Gold Fragrance Jade, Seductive Scorpion Lady, as well as legendary concoctions like Nine Revolutions Soul Revival Pill and Buddha's Relic Elixir is questioned. Unexpectedly, he acquires a Yin-Yang Jade Pendant. Little did he know, within it is a universe of its own. It houses the Purple Jade Immortal Realm, a place that accelerates the growth of medicinal herbs by a hundredfold. Here, thousand-year-old herbs need only a decade to mature!