Delivering Takeout Across Multiverses

Delivering Takeout Across Multiverses

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At the age of eight, Ye Chen was told by a fortune-teller: "When you turn eighteen, you will ascend to greatness, feasting daily on delicacies!" "Bloody nonsense!" thought the young boy. Who would have thought the yellow uniform of a deliveryman would symbolize the promised ascension? Yet, Ye Chen did indeed become a deliveryman, not just any deliveryman, but one who could deliver across countless universes! Whether it be the worlds of anime, martial arts, fantasy, films, or mythology, Ye Chen's delivery service reached them all, and the rewards he received were beyond imagination! After delivering braised chicken to Empress Wu Zetian, he was bestowed with a piece of her vast empire. After delivering extra spicy barbecue to the Flame Emperor, he was gifted with a cluster of eternal fire. After delivering cross-bridge rice noodles to Bone Proud Sky, his attributes increased by 999999. After delivering Buddha Jumps Over the Wall to the Tathāgata Buddha, he was directly awarded the Buddha's Palm! Traversing across countless universes and making a splash in the urban landscape, he is indeed the number one deliveryman in the universe!