The Chronicles of Mage Laine

The Chronicles of Mage Laine

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In the realm of magic, a truly great mage not only possesses immense power but also the art of delicate control over it. Mastery arrives when one can freely manipulate such power, casting spells like casting a fireball at one's feet to decimate enemies, while remaining unscathed. "The Chronicles of Mage Laine" is a tale set on an alternate continent, featuring magic as its primary theme. Our protagonist, Laine, is intelligent and eager to learn. As a child, he pursues a dual cultivation of magic and martial arts under the tutelage of two mysterious mentors. As an adult, he journeys, first working as a mercenary, wherein he meets the Leith Squad during the mission to eradicate the menace in Ramshorn Town, and subsequently becomes their leader. Later, he joins a royal competition and emerges as the champion, gaining great renown. He leads his team to the north, joins the royal ranks, and ultimately leads an army to quash various opposing forces, thus becoming the greatest mage in the continent's history.