Dao Gates of the World

Dao Gates of the World

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In a year, there are twelve months, each month consisting of thirty days, and each day marked by a hundred moments. A month adds up to three thousand moments, and ten months to thirty thousand moments. Internally, a year is spent concocting elixirs in thirty thousand moments; externally, one's life seizes the essence of thirty thousand years. Grandly, a single day encapsulates the formation of thirteen thousand five hundred breaths; minutely, every twelve hours, the energy travels eighty-four thousand miles. Hence, it is about capturing a speck of sunlight from heaven and earth, harvesting the energy of the two orbs of the sun and moon, channeling celestial water in a lead furnace, and directing the true fire in a mercury crucible. Dao Gates of the World, the symbols and talismans of the alchemical cauldron. Amidst the bitter ocean of the mortal world, there's a return to one's original essence......