Era of the Emperor

Era of the Emperor

translated: 320 / 791
last released: a day ago

A bearer of the golden bloodline appears in the wilderness and encounters relentless pursuit, fleeing like a dog without a home. The four other element tribes, each with their own hidden agendas, quietly scheme, initiating a grand war to eliminate the golden bloodline, transforming the realm into a battleground for power. The prolonged Wars of Yao stoke discord among the five element tribes and sow the seeds of unrest that destabilize Emperor Yao's 'Golden Age of Peace.' As patriarchy begins to dominate, the male-centric Xian Gate challenges the traditional female witches. At this juncture, survivor Sang Mingyu from Kong Sang Island rises. He steals evidence of the High Priest of the Jin Tian Tribe's illegitimate child with Dongyue Jun and allies himself with the Shao Xian clan, plotting to strengthen male power and expel women from priesthood. However, the Tai Wu Clan, backed by the strongest influence of the era - Emperor Yao, find themselves in a fierce conflict with the Xian Gate. Emperor Yao's divine authority faces unprecedented challenges from the Gao Yang Tribe, the Jin Tian Tribe, and the Yu Tribe, who jointly force Emperor Yao to withdraw female witches. Consequently, the Yan Huang Alliance teeters on the brink of division, and internal strife is imminent. In the year 2598 BC, the Yellow Emperor perishes. The five elemental Gods who once aided him against Chiyou, meddle with the mortal realm's political power without restraint. In 2515 BC, Emperor Zhuanxu of Gao Yang usurped the throne, and the elemental Gods mysteriously vanished overnight, leaving mankind to rule the wilderness. However, their elemental powers spread among humans, inherited by different tribes, fracturing unity and igniting constant warfare. In 2383 BC, Emperor Yao murders his brother, Emperor Qingyang, to ascend the throne and launches the famous Yao War against the Three Miao of the south for unified rule. Unexpectedly, he gets entangled in a prolonged war, pushing the Yan Huang Alliance to the brink of division, while Yao Zhonghua rises like a comet. During this time, a weak young man on a lonely island in the Eastern Sea carries a secret powerful enough to bring the heavens and earth to ruin... This is the heroic saga of the Shan Hai Jing, the era of Emperors Yao, Shun, and Yu!