Supreme Sovereign of the Imperial Path

Supreme Sovereign of the Imperial Path

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A battle full of impassioned fervor, a temptation fueled by intense desires! Beauty, status, power - all of these will be mine! If the heavens deceive me, I will pierce the sky! If the earth oppresses me, I will shatter the ground! Emperors are not invincible, yet I triumph in every battle! Emperors are not omnipotent, yet I am capable of everything! Emperor Yu reincarnates on the mystical continent of Tianxuan, a world full of marvels and absurdities, a world where the strong are revered! Being a member of the imperial family, yet forbidden from using the imperial surname! Where, indeed, have my parents gone? What astonishing secrets does the imperial family hold? Cast out from my family, exiled from my martial school, am I universally despised? Heavenly punishment descends, earth fire consumes, is the world full of resentment towards me?