Phantom God

Phantom God

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The Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermilion Bird, and the Black Tortoise; names of the four sacred beasts that many are familiar with. But who truly understands why these beasts are regarded as divine entities, second only to gods? What trials and tribulations did they undergo to ascend to their sacred status? What unique, magical abilities do each of them possess? And what transformations may occur when all four sacred beasts are gathered in the hands of the Phantom God? Those familiar with Old Yun's works know that a true gem of a story needs hundreds of thousands of words to evolve and grow. I hope you believe in Old Yun, support Old Yun. I promise to work even harder to craft enticing tales as a reward for your belief. Fusion, evolution, mutation, advanced evolution, union, armorization, blade transformation, soul fusion - each sacred beast possesses distinctive traits. Their extraordinary battle techniques, as diverse as they are fantastical, will be revealed one by one. The saga of the sacred beasts begins here! The mysterious veil of the four sacred beasts will be lifted by me! To understand the sacred beasts, start with Phantom God!