Peak of Martial Supremacy in the Otherworld

Peak of Martial Supremacy in the Otherworld

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Having weathered countless life-and-death situations, crossing myriad realms and time, armed with the supreme secret techniques of the Yanhuang clan, he dominates this otherworldly realm! Faced with the grand responsibility of reviving his sect, how will he complete the mission? How will he unravel the mysteries of his journey and origins? In the vast main universe, countless ancient powers have successively fallen—who is the puppeteer behind all this? Wielding the sword forged from reincarnation, and invoking the heaven and earth, watch how Cang Ye, burdened with a momentous conspiracy, gradually ascends to the pinnacle of this otherworldly realm! The ranks in this novel are divided as follows: Spirit Warriors and Spirit Masters use their flesh to comprehend the mysteries of the universe! Spirit Lords and Spirit Sects borrow the power of heaven and earth! Spirit Kings and Spirit Emperors manipulate laws! Divine Dignitaries and Divine Monarchs create their own worlds! Saints and Emperors are immortal in this world!