Deity of the Deadly Immortal

Deity of the Deadly Immortal

translated: 399 / 1693
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In the realms of the mystical, the Deadly is denounced as the ominous god, unwelcome to the world. The Immortal, on the other hand, exemplifies eternity, living as long as heaven and earth. Lu Dust, originally a man of ordinary talent, embarked on the path of cultivation solely for the sake of his sister, a blessing from the heavens. However, the journey of the immortal is fraught with the law of survival of the fittest, where blood rains and the wind reeks of violence. If ordinary cultivation cannot protect the ones he cherishes, why not turn to the Deadly? Why not slaughter everyone under the heavens? Who said that only righteousness could achieve immortality? On this road to eternal life, with beauty under his feet and songs in the air, he strides across the heavenly expanse, the one and only Deadly Immortal!