Master of Supercharged Fields

Master of Supercharged Fields

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Control the magnetic field, soar through the sky and burrow through the earth! Command the electric field, become the embodiment of Thor! Master the gene field, turn from a loser into a genius! Rule the life field, dictate the fate of countless species! Control the cosmic field, and you are... Master of the Universe! This is the tale of a young man who can control the energy fields of all things, reborn on Earth and embarking on an invincible path, fiercely cutting down the gods. Upon his return to Earth, he discovers: The mundane scroll he had casually written has become a sacred relic in the eyes of geomancers. The web novel he had written out of boredom has become a prophetic book that shocks future generations. The sword mark he casually engraved while creating his own swordplay has spawned a prestigious swordsman family. Even the old pine where he contemplated the Dao can transform an ordinary bird into a phoenix...