Miraculous Healer: The Saintly Hand

Miraculous Healer: The Saintly Hand

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An unexpected encounter allows medical student Lin Yang to peer beyond the veil of life and death, enabling him to see ghosts. From this moment onwards, he embarks on an extraordinary journey. Elderly spirits, youthful specters, fierce phantoms, enticing apparitions… All sorts of ethereal beings, each with their unique skills, appear around him, becoming soul servants at his command. Lovable girls, charismatic women, haughty maidens, refreshing beauties… One after another, the dream goddesses of homebodies revolve around him like stars around the moon. From these spirits, he can borrow exquisite medical skills, perfect singing voices, outstanding martial arts, and all other knowledge and skills they mastered in life! Administering medicine to heal the living, using talismans to guide the dead, he perfectly embodies the compassion of a healer; with hand as his brush, and soul as his ink, he communicates between the heavens and the earth, life and death! This is the path of Lin Yang!