Martial God of the Tsunami

Martial God of the Tsunami

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Understanding the supernatural power of 'Electric Current Drive', the strongest can unleash a formidable electrical force of 500,000 volts, yet he is merely considered a 'warrior' at the bottom of this era. Only when one surpasses the electric current to unlock the power of 'Magnetic Field Rotation', does the journey of the true strong begin. A force of 10,000 horsepower is equivalent to one Heavenly Layer. Those in the 1st to 5th Heavenly Layers are known as 'War Generals', while those in the 6th to 9th are referred to as 'Commanders'. When the force of the mighty breaks through the 10th Heavenly Layer, they earn the title 'Martial God'! Legend has it that in the ancient times, 5,000 years ago, there were unparalleled strong who could access the ultimate limit of this power - Magnetic Field Rotation, a million horsepower!