Requiem of the Reborn

Requiem of the Reborn

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Reborn, he found himself back in that summer of his motherless childhood. He couldn't remember the stock market trends or sports scores from those years, yet his mind was a repository of memories. Harry Potter had been published, One Piece, Naruto, Shin-chan, Detective Conan... all the names that could have been famous were already famous. What should he do now? He started with copying the famous military novels domestically, "Bright Sword", "Hidden", and then expanded into games, internet, animation, movies—a one-stop cultural industry. He helped his mother transform her small convenience store into a Walmart, and for his future father-in-law, he turned a small spicy skewer shop into the nation’s top-rated chain of hot pot restaurants. Then, he made a haughty young girl fall madly in love with him. This was Shen Hongxing's rebirth, the fantasy of a tech geek.