Sovereign of the Dark Night

Sovereign of the Dark Night

translated: 320 / 615
last released: 19 hours ago

Light and darkness, they exist like two different worlds separated by a layer of shimmering water. Above this watery shimmer, there is light as brilliant as a sea of stars. Below it, there is a darkness as profound as the abyss. Thousands of years after the collapse of the ancient rules, the treaty that has held for nearly a millennium, serving to hide the world, is torn to shreds. The world of the alien races, which has been silent as a still pond for a thousand years, suddenly triggers an earth-shattering upheaval. Fully armed alien warriors once again raise their dark banner and begin to compose their dark soul-soothing song anew. Chen Ye, who is at a disadvantage in human society, unwittingly gets involved in this tempestuous conflict. Clueless, he can only tightly grip his silver spear, awaiting an unpredictable ending. This is a book that you can calmly read, and in the end, it will not let you down. The book portrays the blood race as an alliance between the Eastern Scarlet Clan and the Western VAMPIREs, who are not the same kind of monsters.