Cultivator in the Era of Dharma Decline

Cultivator in the Era of Dharma Decline

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In the midst of urban life, I cultivate amidst the world's dust. Channeling kidney's water to birth the furnace's fire, my Yin soul and Yang spirit engage in divine traversal. Understanding Zen riddles births enlightenment, slicing away external ghosts and internal demons. I cultivate, I read, observing clouds forming and dissipating, flowers falling and blooming. My heart resides outside this world, yet finds joy within it. Concealing oneself in plain sight, hiding wisdom in the face of adversity, what does the golden elixir and talisman truly represent? All laws, they say, revert to one source. Hold on, hold on. You speak of ascension in broad daylight? Ha, wherever practice takes place, results naturally follow...