Bookstore System of All Heavens and Realms

Bookstore System of All Heavens and Realms

translated: 400 / 1597
last released: 19 hours ago

Yang Xiao, armed with a system, crosses into the world of Journey to the West, opening a bookstore. The store houses all kinds of novels, and reading them offers a chance to acquire things from within - martial arts techniques, elixirs, magical treasures, rare gems, anything you can think of, and even things you can't. On the Spirit Mountain, Buddha listens to Guanyin's report with a baffled expression, 'Master Buddha, Tang Sanzang has succumbed to demons.' 'Are you kidding me?' Manjusri reports, 'Master Buddha, that monkey Sun Wukong and the Golden Winged Great Peng have stormed the Spirit Mountain.' Buddha exclaims, 'Oh, Buddha's mercy!' Samantabhadra adds, 'Master Buddha, the ancient Buddhas' tombs on Spirit Mountain have been robbed.' Buddha is left speechless....