One-Click Cultivation System: Instant Millionaire Level

One-Click Cultivation System: Instant Millionaire Level

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'Ding! First function activated. Automatic cultivation initiated, with cultivation speed rivaling that of a supernatural fiend!' 'Ding! Function upgraded; cultivation speed doubled. Upgrade again, and the cultivation speed doubles once more!' 'Ding! Second function activated. Automatic martial arts learning initiated...' 'Ding! Third function activated...' Think cultivation is tough? I'm sorry, one day of my cultivation equals decades of yours! Think practicing skills is tough? I'm sorry, without lifting a finger, I can master countless techniques! Think refining pills is tough? I'm sorry, I have so many elixirs that they're about to go moldy! ...... After crossing into a new realm, Su Lang obtained the one-click cultivation system, growing stronger every second! From now on, he dominates all challenges, bearing no grudges under the heavens!