Rogue of the Cosmos

Rogue of the Cosmos

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In the universe of tens of thousands of years in the future, a malevolent life force known as the Dark Prisoners seeks escape amidst the constant cycle of destruction and rebirth. They exploit humanity, the finest species in the universe, to create opportunities for their survival. Influenced by their powerful 'thought induction,' humans unknowingly fall under their control. Fortunately, the universe's other powerful entities, such as the Mother of Water, secretly lend humanity their strength, offering a chance for humans and other species to escape their doomed fate. The protagonist of this tale is Ark, a superhuman warrior of humanity. Ark, purposely sculpted by the universe's life forms, possesses immense power that not only transforms himself but also humanity, which had already fallen into a crisis. Successfully saving the universe, this is a tale packed full of adventures, a story so gripping that will have you reading till the end in one breath.